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Pioneer Intelligence has a database of 650+ cannabis brands from 32 states, growing by more than 95,000 data points per week. It leverages data to compare the marketing performance of consumer-focused brands based on three silos: social media, web-related activities, and earned media. Recently, Solaris Farms has made its name to “Pioneer’s Top 10 Nevada-based Cannabis Companies,” ranked at #4!

Pioneer’s algorithm doesn’t take sales into account. Instead, its primary focus is on the size that allows single-product brands to rank alongside multi-state sellers with a vast product offering. The current list has shown Solaris Farms as an emerging cannabis brand, and we are more than honored to be on the same list as the industry leaders.

Pioneer’s Top 10 Hottest Nevada-Based Cannabis Brands

Cannabis selling became legal in Nevada in 2017, and since then, the market has seen very tight competition among CBD brands. The Pioneer Intelligence recent list observed the top brands’ data for the past 6 months and ranked them accordingly based on the three metrics (social media, website traffic, and earned media).

The list only contains the brands established in Nevada, but some have expanded their operations into other states. There was no surprise to see big names like “Deep Roots Harvest,” “Sol Cannabis,” and “Evergreen Organix” leading the top 5 list. These companies are undoubtedly the major suppliers of Nevada’s dispensaries, with a huge social media presence on popular platforms.

To our delight, “Solaris Farms” scored in the 4th position with an impressive 408.2 score! Slowly and steadily, we have improved our social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn with thousands of followers. Our mission is to reach the top 20 North American companies.

The rest of the list includes “Remedy Cannabis,” “Cannavative Group,” “FloraVega,” “AMA,” “Matrix NV,” and “Aether Gardens.”  Remember that Pioneer’s index is prone to changes, so the list may change in a few months or years.